Accessible Tub, Morganton, NC

Looking for an affordable accessible tub for your Morganton home? Call us for the perfect solution!

Accessible Tub in Morganton, North Carolina
There are many situations in which having a more accessible tub can be preferable. However, often homeowners fail to make this change out of fear that it will be too costly. While there are some pretty hefty options out there to accomplish an accessible tub, there are more reasonable options, as well. Freedom Step is one such solution. We offer an easy step-in tub and shower that doesn’t entail tearing apart your bathroom.

We are able to create an accessible tub using the tub you already have. You actually have three different options to choose from: The Step, The Ultra Low, and The Convertible. Each one provides for an accessible tub by replacing a section of the side with an easy-to-access step-in area. With The Convertible option, you can still use the tub as a soaking tub, but you can easily convert it back to a step-in shower.

Our accessible tub product is both VA HISA and Medicaid CAP/DA approved, so it may not cost you anything out of pocket if you have a medical need for an accessible tub. Furthermore, you can come by our showroom to see the three choices so that you have a better idea what to expect. Try them out, and you’ll be able to see which is best for you.

One of the most amazing things about our accessible tub options is that we can have the installation done in just one day. That sure beats a long-term bathroom remodeling project in terms of time, inconvenience, and mess! We’ll leave your home clean and ready for your first safe shower or bath.




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