Handicapped Tub, Morganton, NC

Transform your Morganton bathroom with a safer handicapped tub in just one day.

Handicapped Tub in Morganton, North Carolina
One of the most dangerous things in your home if someone is handicapped is the bathtub. Not only is it dangerous, but it is difficult to navigate. This can lead to injury for either the patient or the caregiver. A better solution, by far, is installing a handicapped tub. Often these entail a costly bathroom remodel, however, and they are out of the grasp of someone already contending with medical expenses and would make the bathroom inaccessible for too long.

Let our team at Freedom Step offer a solution you may not have thought about. Our three handicapped tub solutions – The Step, The Ultra Low, and The Convertible – will resolve your dangerous situation in just one day– in fact, just two to four hours, and we’re done! Furthermore, because our products are VA HISA and Medicaid CAP/DA approved, you may have minimal out-of-pocket cost. In any case, our handicapped tub solution is considerably more affordable and time-saving than going with a bathroom remodeling project.

At Freedom Step, we utilize your existing bathtub by installing an opening in the side for ease of access into the shower. With the regular and ultra-low options, your tub is effectively turned into a walk-in shower, although the tub can still hold a few inches of water. Should you wish to retain the ability for bathtub soaking, the convertible is the way to go. It provides for a removable section that gives the flexibility you need.

We welcome you to come by our Morganton, North Carolina showroom to see the handicapped tub options we have for yourself. Try them out and see just how much safer this option is. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

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