Tubs for Elderly, Morganton, NC

Looking for tubs for elderly people in Morganton? Check out our affordable and easy to install products!

Tubs for Elderly in Morganton, North Carolina
Do you worry about your elderly parent who is living on their own? Of course you do, and you are right to worry about them, particularly as they navigate bathing. Or perhaps you are finding yourself feeling fearful or not confident when getting in and out of the tub. At Freedom Step, we have the solution with tubs for elderly people that are far safer to use.

We offer The Step, The Ultra Low, and The Convertible, which are products that will convert your current tub into a step-in tub. Many bathroom injuries come as a result of trying to step over the side of the tub and not clearing the edge entirely. A fall from this action can easily result in head trauma, contusions, and/or broken bones.

Other ways to deal with tubs for elderly people entail expensive bathroom remodeling. That takes time and a good deal of money. Most of the time, that change is not even an improvement that adds value to the home, unless the new buyer also is interested in a handicapped tub. With our tubs for the elderly, the use of the bathroom is only disrupted for two to four hours, not days or weeks. It is also far less costly than a remodeling project would be. Furthermore, since our products are VA HISA and Medicaid CAP/DA approved, you may have only minimal out-of-pocket costs if the tub is deemed medically necessary.

If you have questions about our ideal solution for tubs for elderly people, give us a call or stop by our showroom in Morganton, North Carolina to see them for yourself. Feel free to try them out and see just how much safer the bathroom can be for those who struggle with stepping in and out of a traditional tub.


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