Walk-in Tub, Morganton, NC

We have the perfect walk-in tub option for your Morganton home.

Walk-in Tub in Morganton, North Carolina
A walk-in tub is an ideal solution for those in Morganton, North Carolina who have mobility issues. Imagine being able to be more independent without living in fear of a potentially tragic injury when bathing. At Freedom Step, we offer an ideal solution if you desire or need a walk-in tub but do not want to deal with the cost and time involved with doing a full bathroom remodeling project.

We have three types of walk-in tub options to choose from. The Step and The Ultra Low are ideal for being able to step into your tub in order to shower. We remove a section of your existing tub and put in the insert, so you can step into your tub without having to step over the high side. The Step is ideal for most bathtubs, and The Ultra Low is needed for high profile tubs.

If you want to still have the ability to use your walk-in tub for soaking, The Convertible is the one you want. This ingenious product has a pull-out section that you can remove when you want walk-in tub convenience or leave in place to enjoy a hot bath. This is also the best option for increasing the value of your home, as buyers generally want to have at least one regular tub in the home.

If you have a medical need for a walk-in tub, you’ll be happy to know that our products are VA HISA and Medicaid CAP/DA approved. Even if you don’t qualify for these programs, you will find our walk-in tub solutions far more affordable than remodeling and definitely less costly than a hospital stay because of a fall. Call us or come by to see our products for yourself. We can install one of our walk-in tub solutions in just one day!


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